Mobile Application by Comcast Ux Nyc

Comcast Ux Nyc Exhibits The Xfinity Xfi Mobile Application

Comcast UX NYC, the creative mind behind the displayed design Xfinity xFi - Mobile Application by Comcast UX NYC says, xFi is a personalized WiFi experience. Taking control of their home WiFi with easy to use tools across the platform, users know wha <Cropped>

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Luxury Public Facility by Tang-Huang Cheng

Tang-Huang Cheng Exhibits The Comfortable Resort Luxury Public Facility

Tang-Huang Cheng, the creative mind behind the displayed work Tang-Huang Cheng's Comfortable Resort Luxury public facility demonstrates, Chunqing uses simplicity and continuous shapes to that harmonize with its surroundings. The materials used a <Cropped>

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Hustle Hub-Youth Housing Design Competition %u201819: Russia

With Most of The Young Population Working Today to Acquire Basic Security of Livelihood and Not Investing On Their Lives For The Long Term (depreciating Because of The ‘grind’) Due to Various Social Stigmas Associated With Not Owning a Home; Create Th

With most of the young population working today to acquire basic security of livelihood and not investing on their lives for the long term (depreciating because of the ‘grind’) due to various social stigmas associated with not owning a home; crea <Cropped>

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Museum by Ecadi

Ecadi Spotlights The The World Expo Museum

ECADI, the lead designer of the awarded project ECADI's The World Expo Museum points out, The World Expo Museum is the first formal international museum in China so far, and currently the only permanent official museum and document center author <Cropped>

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Award Winning Pet Project by Mla Pet House

Marie Laurent Wilfred Presents The Pet Project by Mla Pet House

Marie Laurent Wilfred, the lead designer of the awarded design Award Winning PET PROJECT BY MLA Pet house says, Design is all about details and and the house pets are often left aside. I decided to create a shelter for the dogs and cats of the house <Cropped>

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Award Winning Hym Seed Turntable Speaker

Lin Huanmin-Hym Originals Creates The Hym Seed Turntable Speaker

Lin Huanmin - HYM Originals, the author of the award winning project turntable speaker:HYM Seed by Lin Huanmin - HYM Originals demonstrates, Vinyl records is one of the best way to experience the music, however, the traditional record player needs lo <Cropped>

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Breathing Spirit-Air-Purifying Shade by Ali Mahmoudi

Ali Mahmoudi Spotlights The Breathing Spirit Air-Purifying Shade

Ali Mahmoudi, the lead designer of the displayed design Air-Purifying Shade by Ali Mahmoudi explains, The Breathing Spirit is designed to be a symbol of purity and beauty. In other words, two features of purity and layers of meaning, are combined in <Cropped>

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Pythagoras-Dish by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Pythagoras Dish

The maker of the awarded work Pythagoras - Dish by Acclaimed Designer spells out, This product has unique feature by mathematical design. Every feature is calculate based on the mathematical logic with the natural rule. In addition, the dish is made <Cropped>

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Wellian by Neda Barbazi

Neda Barbazi Shows The Wellian Website

Neda Barbazi, the author of the highlighted design Wellian - Website by Neda Barbazi illustrates, The mind map interface shows layers of information and their inter-connectivity. The interface is also playable. With a little bit of motion, the design <Cropped>

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Handbag by Parisa Wang

Parisa Wang Illustrates The Addicted Bracelet Bag Handbag

Parisa Wang, the author of the displayed work Addicted Bracelet Bag by Parisa Wang says, Crafted from smooth full grain calfskin, the Addicted bracelet bag features a bottle shaped silhouette with a ring buckle that functions as a handle. The bracel <Cropped>

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