Drop L Luxury Bottle

Packaging Design Focus: Drop L Luxury Bottle

A Good Packaging design example, the Drop L is a creative Luxury Bottle design. Drop L was designed in 2011, and here is a how it is described by its designer: Drop L is a luxury looking glass or metal bottle with golden finishing, it can be used as <Cropped>

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Tennis Arm Chair

Furniture Design Focus: Tennis Arm Chair

A Good Furniture design example, the Tennis is a creative Arm Chair design. Tennis was designed in 2009, and here is a how it is described by its designer: Inspired by the shape of tennis ball, this arm chair has chrome shell outside and leather seat <Cropped>

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Red Onion Puff/Cushion

Furniture Design Focus: Red Onion Puff/Cushion

A Good Furniture design example, the Red Onion is a creative Puff/Cushion design. Red Onion was designed in 2010, and here is a how it is described by its designer: Red Onion is an interesting set of cushions / ground seats that are stacked all toget <Cropped>

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Ding Stool

Furniture Design Focus: Ding Stool

A Good Furniture design example, the Ding is a creative Stool design. Ding was designed in 2010, and here is a how it is described by its designer: Ding was designed to fit the Jingdezhen table, it is a contemporary decorated ceramic stool that cou <Cropped>

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Liz Sabol's Sleeping Beauty Necklace

Liz Sabol Portrays The Sleeping Beauty Necklace

Liz Sabol, the project leader of the awarded design Necklace by Liz Sabol points out, Sleeping Beauty is a statement necklace. It is made with a cold-enameled Champlevé process. Formed with 960 Sterling silver, it is hand-painted and filled with res <Cropped>

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Industrial Design Contest

Industrial Design Contest Honors Designs and Designers in The Industrial Design Industry

A' Design Award & Competitions is the top industrial design award of all years. It is an yearly juried design Challenge. The Award intends to extend, uncover & advocate sensible style, architects and design acquainted endeavors by drawi <Cropped>

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Lr16 by Adam Miklosi

Adam Miklosi Demonstrates The Lr16 Disaster Coffin

Adam Miklosi, the architect of the award winning design Disaster coffin by Adam Miklosi illustrates, LR16 is giving an alternative for the current issues of operating with corpses after a disaster situation. It is designed to solve all the upcoming <Cropped>

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Gülru Mutlu Tunca-Boo!! Board Game

At Design Interviews

Interview with Gülru Mutlu Tunca : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Gülru Mutlu Tunca : The main inspiration was the ghost themed birthday party of Altan. Guniz, his mother, and I tried to gather al <Cropped>

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Chuva by Ghazaleh Hajibabaiy

Ghazaleh Hajibabaiy Spotlights The Chuva Pendant

Ghazaleh Hajibabaiy, the project leader of the awarded project Pendant by Ghazaleh Hajibabaiy explains, The designer was inspired by a song that is about memories, which were made by loved ones.The inspiration came from these sentences:"That the <Cropped>

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Iris 360 Camera by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Iris 360 Camera 360 Degree Sperical Camera

The maker of the displayed work Iris 360 Camera by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, Trig Creative worked alongside NCTech, in developing their iris360 camera. The product is used by Google Photographers for Google’s Street View Trusted program and i <Cropped>

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