Vulca Studio's Sunrise Interior Experience

Vulca Studio Shares The Sunrise Interior Experience

Vulca Studio, the designer of the displayed project Interior Experience by Vulca Studio spells out, On average 2,500 people visit this store everyday, so the designers get to enrich and be a small part of the lives of a lot of people. Their client’ <Cropped>

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Vapour Bar Exchange by Nexus Design Integrated

Nexus Design Integrated Designs The Vapour Vapour Bar Exchange

nexus design integrated, the architect of the award winning design nexus design integrated's vapour vapour bar exchange explains, vapour bar exchange, works on variable pricing of all products as per the demand, a high demand beer will become e <Cropped>

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Don Lin's House of Light Interior Design

Don Lin Discloses The House of Light Interior Design

Don Lin, the maker of the award winning project House Of Light - Interior Design by Don Lin spells out, Relationship, communication and language became part of the interaction of this house. For instance; a refashion bunk bed that keeps the kids ente <Cropped>

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Wall by Andrea Macruz

Andrea Macruz Shares The Wall Lamp

Andrea Macruz, the maker of the highlighted design - Wall Lamp by Andrea Macruz explains, It's inspiration was the topological deformation of a Möbius strip and developed through a parametric plug in that alters its degree of deformation <Cropped>

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Art and Beauty Mall by Pan Mok

Pan Mok Portrays The 1089 Art Beauty Center Art and Beauty Mall

Pan Mok, the project leader of the award winning project Art and Beauty Mall by Pan Mok explains, 1089 is renovated from an old building. The facade were modified by over 5250 pieces white metal panel, enlarge the entrance to 5 storeys height, all in <Cropped>

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Frb Custom Bicycle-Wooden Bicycle by Konstantinos G. Papadopoulos

Konstantinos G. Papadopoulos Discloses The Frb Custom Bicycle Wooden Bicycle

Konstantinos G. Papadopoulos, the designer of the awarded project Wooden Bicycle by Konstantinos G. Papadopoulos says, The FRB Custom, is a beautiful bike, with distinctive design but with an intense character. The distinctive and conservative desi <Cropped>

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It's Teething Time!

Chicco Invites All Creatives to Dive Into The World of Babies to Design a New Collection of Teethers For Newborns Aged From 0 to 6's Teething Time!-Call For Entries by Chicco Chicco Invites All Creatives to Dive Into The World of Babies

Chicco invites all creatives to dive into the world of babies to design a new collection of teethers for newborns aged from 0 to 6 months.It's teething time! - call for entries by chicco chicco invites all creatives to dive into the world of ba <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Cheng-Che Chen

Cheng-Che Chen Illustrates The Alluring Laurel Interior Design

Cheng-Che Chen, the creative mind behind the awarded design Award Winning Alluring Laurel Interior Design illustrates, The design of bed and breakfast (B&B) must take into considerations its comfortability and commercial strategy. Bed and breakfa <Cropped>

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Ds8100 Series-Handheld Imager by Mark Fountain

Mark Fountain Illustrates The Ds8100 Series Handheld Imager

Mark Fountain , the author of the displayed work Mark Fountain 's DS8100 Series Handheld Imager spells out, The DS8100 series hand-held scanner is designed for retail and warehouse use. It’s clean lines and light and dark colourways fit seamle <Cropped>

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Kaleidoscope by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Kaleidoscope B2b Direct Mail 3d, Lim. Edit

The thinktank behind the highlighted design Kaleidoscope - B2B Direct Mail 3D, lim. edit. by Acclaimed Designer spells out, A small metaphor of the lamps DRESSLIGHT Fashion Lamps (new concept that fuses light with fashion, to result in a product uniq <Cropped>

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